How to Buy Florida Pick 3 Tickets

Playing Pick 3 (formerly known as Cash 3) is easy. It's the game where you can play twice everyday. You can win a top prize of $500 with a $2 Straight play, or increase your chances of winning with a Box, Str/Box Combo. Simply select your lucky numbers and play it your way everyday!

Note: Florida Pick 3 is a twice-a-day game. However, we only operate the evening draws.

  • Log in to your account. If you do not have one, click here.

  • Go to Buy Tickets section and select the game.

  • Select how many tickets you want to play. Select numbers for each digit.

  • If you want to use your computer randomly pick numbers, simply click Quick Pick button.

  • Decide which methods you want to play, you may choose Straight, Box, Str/Box, or 1-Off.

  • Select how many times you want to play. You can play up to 14 times.

  • Click Add to Cart botton, then, select Check Out.

  • Fill out payment information, or use your account money. Double check all information in the form, then, submit your tickets.

  • Once we have received and purchased your tickets, we will send you a copy of your tickets.

  • Example and Payout

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