Powerball Results


05 08 41 65 66 20 x3

Jackpot: $129 MILLION

Next Jackpot:


Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Mega Millions Winning Numbers


02 43 48 62 64 24 x3

Jackpot: $68 Million

Next Jackpot:

$82 Million

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Cash4Life Winning Numbers


04 08 27 28 32 04

Jackpot: $1000 a Day for Life

Next Jackpot:

$1000 a Day for Life

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Florida Lotto Winning Numbers


06 08 19 21 39 46 x2

Jackpot: $11.5 Million

Next Jackpot:

$12.5 Million

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Florida Lucky Money Winning Numbers


11  13  40  44  15

Jackpot: $1 Million

Next Jackpot:

$1.3 Million

Tuesday, 01/22/2019


Florida Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers


02  11  19  28  35 


Top Winner: 3

Top Payout: $61,569.92


Florida Pick 5 Winning Numbers


2019-01-21 Midday

0 3 3 3 8

2019-01-21 Evening

5 6 8 2 0


Florida Pick 4 Winning Numbers


2019-01-21 Midday

8 1 0 9

2019-01-21 Evening

4 7 0 5


Florida Pick 3 Winning Numbers


2019-01-21 Midday

5 2 6

2019-01-21 Evening

9 1 6


Florida Pick 2 Winning Numbers


2019-01-21 Midday

3 3

2019-01-21 Evening

7 4


Online Lottery Service in Florida

State of Florida lottery offers numbers of online lottery games: multi-state Powerball, multi-state Mega Millions, multi-state Cash4Life, Florida Lotto, Lucky Money, Fantasy 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Pick 2. During the last few years, the average jackpot has been very high and the biggest jackpot has been over $100 millions, which becomes one of the biggest jackpot in the United States. Florida State has joined in nationwide Powerball and Mega Millions games which have bigger jackpots and more winners. Florida Lotto has contributed more than $30 billions to education. People from all over the world come to State of Florida not only just visit Disney World or enjoy sunshine, but also play Florida lotto. The purpose of this online Florida lottery webiste is to help those who do not live in Florida and still wish to play Florida lottery, or inconvenience, such as handicapped, no vehicles, or any other reasons, to buy lottery tickets at any lotto retail stores.

Currently, we offer two languages - English and Chinese. If you'd like to access our Chinese version, please click on online lottery in Chinese. Please note, this is NOT the official Florida Lottery site. Click here to visit the official Florida State Lottery site.


Examples of Our Services

Previous Winning Numbers

Our Winning Number offers current and previous winning numbers, upcoming draw jackpots, the number of winners for the particular dates, and payouts for all lottery games offered in state of Florida. We have about last 5 years previous drawing numbers in our database. To search previous winning numbers for a particular game, press the Florida Lotto Results button below, then select the game you want to search. For details, see FL Lottery Winning Numbers

Random/Conditional Quick Picks

Our Quick Pick section provides computer-generated random numbers and conditional quick pick numbers. In the computer-generated random numbers, all numbers are completely random based upon your computer's clock; and in the conditional quick pick, numbers are based upon your analysis, that is, you can control the numbers you are going to buy. For details, see Number Quick Picker

Lottery Numbers Analysis

Our Lotto Number Analyzer provides number analysis for all games including Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Florida Lotto, Lucky Money, Fantasy 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Pick 2. It gives thorough analysis of previous drawn numbers, such as, how many times of the particular number occurred, what was the hitting percentage of that number, when was the last date of that number occurred. It also gives the hotness of individual numbers, previous drawn pattern, and paired numbers. In addition, we have added Arithmetic Complexity values (AC values) Calculator and Winning Numbers Color Patterns in which both will help you focus on what number combinations you should choose. For details, see Florida Lottery Analysis

Lottery Wheeling Systems

Our wheeling systems are the reduced forms of the complete number combinations. They provide the most efficient coverage for the numbers you choose to play, and give you an assurance of winning. You do not have to bet on all combinations, for example, in the 10-number Lotto Wheeling System, you choose 10 numbers to wheel, you only bet on 14 tickets instead of 210 combinations, and if the winning numbers are among those 10 numbers, you would at least win a 5-number prize. For details, see Lotto Wheeling Systems

Lottery Pool Service

Our Florida lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions Pools provide three pool services for three different games. We have Powerball Pool on Wednesdays, Mega Millions Pool on Fridays, and Florida Lotto Pool on Saturdays. Oue pool group limits the numbers of 8 players(units), i.e. 8 units in one group. The cost for each unit is $50.00 per month. For details, see Lottery Pool Service

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Our Lottery Ticket Purchase Service provides Florida lottery purchasing service for those who do not live in Florida or do not have time to buy Florida lottery tickets. Our service includes buy Florida Lotto tickets, Powerball tickets, Mega Million tickets, Fantasy 5 tickets, Lucky Money tickets, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, and Pick 2 tickets For details, see Buy Florida Lottery Tickets