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No Longer Taking New Members for Pool

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As you know, a lotto pool gets much more chances to win the prize than individuals. That is why we are here to provide you with the Florida lotto pool, Powerball Pool, and Mega Millions pool services and help our members to win some cash from lottery. Our pool service is different than other pool services, we only allow 8 units as one group. This ensures you get more money if your group hits the jackpot. The details are listed as the following:

  • When you sign up with our pool service, you will be assigned a group ID. Each group has only 8 units(members). If one group is full, you will be assigned to the next group. If your group has not reached 8 members, our employee(s) will join in to make up a full group.

  • We use our wheeling systems to generate numbers for your group. Based on the analysis of previous Florida lottery winning numbers, we always focus on 12 numbers for each group. If the next drawing numbers are among these 12 numbers, your group will win many 3-number and 4-number prizes. If your group is lucky enough, you will have 1/8 of the jackpot.

  • Since we pick numbers based upon our analysis for your group (it will be more chances to win), you can not change the numbers for your group. If you want to play Florida lotto with your own regular numbers, please use our Buying Tickets section to purchase tickets.

  • Our pool program is designed  to take $50.00 as a unit per each month. Your group (8 members) plays every Saturday night with 20 lotto tickets with multiplier (started on 2020-10-08). Since you pay only $50.00 a month and one year has 52 weeks, therefore, you basically get 4 free plays(80 tickets) in a year, and for $50.00, you will have about 87 lotto tickets($2.00 per tickets) each month to play. You can also have as many units as you want, In your Account setting, you can indicate how many units you want to join in.

  • We will post your group tickets on our website, so you can view them. When your group wins less than $600.00, we will collect and divide the prize by 8, then deposit your share to your account. If your group wins the prize between $600.00 and $250,000.00, with your authorization, we claim the prize for your group from Florida Lottery Official District office or headquarters, then, we divide the prize into eight and send you our company's check. If your group hits the jackpot, we will arrange your group members to come to Florida and claim your prize at Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee.

  • As the pool member, you automatically become a life-time free member for all of our other services. You may cancel or reduce your units at any time, No Strings Attached!  However, we can not refund the amount had been charged.

  • Your group tickets can be viewed after Wednesdays and will be kept for a week. If you join our pool service before Saturdays, your service will be started on the same week. If you  join in on Saturdays, your service will be started on the following week.

  • If you are already a member of our regular service, please log in your account, then, go to Pooling Service section and join in. If you are a new member, please click Join Now at the top or bottom link and sign up as a new member.

No Longer Taking New Members for Pool